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Welcome to Sarayi 
From Turkey to Cairo

The Taste of Turkey!


While we stay true to the traditional recipes and the relaxed atmosphere, our restaurant also aspires to constantly add fusion-style.

Our Delesious 
Food from Turkey to Egypt ,,,,

At Pure Flave, we’re dedicated to goodness in every sip. Delicious, fresh juice, just as nature intended.


we are consistently creating better food moments for your loved ones and you, with the freshest ingredients and tastiest recipes.
The big  Breakfast includes an extensive menu from fruits, spreads to breads and protein options.
With entrees ranging from three choices of eggs (Menemen, Sucuk, Pastrami,Omelette or Boiled) to the wholesome vegetable platters and stuffed cherry peppers, the new menu features “Something that everyone in the group will love

Sarayi Breakfast (for 8 persons)

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